100G QSFP28

100G speed is attainable with the QSFP28 interface (Quad SFP28) that offers aggregated optical speeds of up to 112G or CFP4 format that is most designed for Ethernet 100G links. Such speeds are possible by simultaneously running four separate 25G (or 28G) channels and sum up the capacity into a single channel. The QSFP28 transceivers available on market are either LR4 (10Km single-mode), IR4 (2Km single-mode) or SR4 for short haul multi-mode. The multi-mode solutions require special MPO fiber ribbons (multi-strand optical cables) able to transport the 4 different 28G optical connections. Single-mode solutions use only two strands of fiber and combine the 4 channels using inexpensive CWDM technology. This gives a tremendous advantage, simplifying the connectivity to standard LC optical connectors and thus reducing costs further.